Top 10 Highest Paid Journalists in India

The media in our country is called the fourth pillar of democracy, whose main job is to show all kinds of news from India, abroad, politics, sports without any bias. Media houses and their journalists do their work very well. In return, big media houses also pay hefty remuneration to their journalists. There was a time when journalists used to be poor, but today a lot of money has come in the field of journalism and there are many such journalists in our own country who earn lakhs of rupees a month. Today we will tell you about 10 such journalists of India whose one month’s salary is more than your whole year’s earnings.

Top 10 Highest Paid Journalists of India

10) Gaurav Kalra

Gaurav Kalra is the best sports journalist of India. Till some time ago he was associated with CNN IBN as Senior Editor but now he has joined the famous cricket news website ESPN Cric Info. Gaurav is doing sports journalism since last 20 years. Monthly salary of Gaurav Kalra is Rs 12 lakh.

9) Shweta Singh

Senior journalists and news anchor Shweta Singh is the executive editor of the famous news channel Aaj Tak. Originally from Patna district of Bihar, Shweta Singh has been associated with Aaj Tak news channel since 2002. She is recognized as an expert sports news anchor and has received an award in 2005 from the Sports Journalism Federation of India for covering sports in the best way. Salary of Shweta Singh is Rs 25 lakh per month, which is much more than the annual income of middle class people like us.

8) Anjana Om Kashyap

Anjana Om Kashyap, who has created a distinct identity with her outspoken style in her program Halla Bol and special reports in Aaj Tak, is the anchor and executive editor of the famous news channel Aaj Tak. Anjana, who joined Aaj Tak in the year 2012, became the lead anchor of the channel in a short span of time.

The specialty of Anjana Om Kashyap is to ask sharp questions to the politicians through their programs and give them jaunty answers when needed. As far as her salary is concerned, Anjana Om Kashyap one month salary is 25 to 40 lakhs.

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